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Shalimar History

This incredible tale sparked the imagination of Jacques Guerlain, who created Shalimar, the first oriental fragrance in history, in 1925.

If you are not aware of the history about Shalimar and how it came to it’s existence, knowing about this love story will have you fall in love even more with this classic fragrance that you already cherish.

Four hundred years ago, far, far away in India, the Emperor Shah Jahan fell madly in love with a Princess by the name of Princess Mumtz Mahal.  He courted her and they eventually married.  He was so in love with her that he had the amazing gardens of Shalimar created for her.  The gardens of Shalimar were said to have been built with pure crystal pools and pure waters flowing into them. However, the Emporer’s heatr was broken with the death of his wife after the birth of their fourteenth child. The Emperor lived on to love and honor his wife forever. And the Taj Mahol was dedicated to her in her honor. 

In 1925, Jacques Guerlain created this oriental fragrance in honor of this love story.  The fragrance exhibits the oriental tones. The various bottles were also created symbolizing this love story.

The scent is composed of:

Citrus notes, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, may rose, opoponax, tonka bean, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam, gray amber.  The cool citrus notes lead to floral, then to warm luxury.